Marketing und Vertrieb

Marketing and Sales

How can you optimize your business results with marketing and more efficient sales processes?

To this day, the two terms marketing and sales are incorrectly used synonymously. As is well known, sales are part of the marketing mix – albeit one of the most important aspects. We advise you on all relevant topics and show you which points you should consider for the creation and implementation of a marketing concept and for building up your sales. Our credo is: “The marketing measures must be effective so that your customers come by themselves!”

Marketing und Vertrieb
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How important are marketing and sales in companies?

In larger companies there is both a marketing department and a sales department. Marketing deals with the four core tasks of product design, pricing, communication and distribution. The sales department has the task of winning customers, even more concluding contracts and generating sales. This is not a temporary project, but a top priority task with no expiration date. This makes it clear why sales departments are generally better staffed than marketing departments. Sales management issues are usually given higher priority than the question of which social media channel is currently working better.

The marketing department does not have to review the design of a product, pricing and distribution channels every day because the management does not question the stand every day. Sales, on the other hand, is under constant observation and rarely comes to a standstill – regular working hours in sales are therefore the exception. Frictions between the departments, on the other hand, are the rule according to the motto: “Sales are celebrating their results again!”

We advise you and support you in mastering the greatest challenges of marketing and sales and in setting up both departments in such a way that they achieve the best possible result. Now click the contact button and get free input from us on how to optimize marketing and sales in your company.

What are the biggest challenges for marketing and sales?

Marketing has the task of generating as many contacts for sales as possible by increasing the growth and frequency of inquiries and inquiries. This can be done through optimized websites and through other advertising measures, such as sending flyers and brochures, participating in trade fairs or radio advertising. In this context, one of the biggest challenges for the marketing department is to determine the appropriate budget so that the planned measures achieve the optimal ROI (return on investment) and the advertising is not useless.

Nothing would be worse for a company if it spends one million euros on television advertising and it is proven that only contracts for 100,000 euros are concluded or the advertising even damages the company’s reputation. With our help you protect yourself against such errors.

The sales department is faced with the daily task of motivating interested parties to make a purchase decision, although often several decision-makers first have to be convinced in the purchase process.

How do you benefit from our advice in marketing and sales?

With our support you will make your sales work more efficiently. We optimize your sales process and reduce your sales cycle. With our help, create a marketing strategy and a marketing concept. Let us talk about how we position you in the market and which sales promotion measures we use to place your products in the market.

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