How you master the opportunities and risks of digitization

Be honest: Who is still interested in the invention of the printing press and steam engine today? Nevertheless, the transition from manual labor to industrial production was a significant technological advance. The invention of microprocessors and the digital revolution 4.0 that we are now facing catapult us into an age whose effects and the end of which are not yet foreseeable. Our drive is to advise you on the application and implementation options of digitization.

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Influence of digital technology on our private life

Those born before 1970 may still remember the first digital wristwatch that was produced in series in 1971 and ushered in the digital age. Up to this point, the digits were still displayed analogously. The difference between the digital and analog world as we know it today is more than another way of displaying characters and transferring data. Digitization involves converting the analog data into digital information from which information is obtained. These can be used for different areas and have led to further revolutionary developments, without which our life today is difficult to imagine. 

Business people who spoke to a Motorola cell phone for the first time in 1983 were certainly viewed with suspicion. Today, someone is strange who holds a book or newspaper in the S-Bahn instead of streaming films on their smartphone, listening to music via Spotify and surfing the Internet at the same time. The World Wide Web has only been around since 1991. These examples show how much digital technology has conquered our everyday lives and has influenced our lives. 

Thanks to their excellent camera technology, smartphones replace the digital camera that was invented in 1975. Fortunately, after 50 years, clever inventors have developed new techniques that can be used to create 360-degree images from the air. Nobody would throw up his smartphone voluntarily today. 

Don’t panic: If your device breaks, there are now cheap 3D printers that you can use to theoretically conjure up a completely new device and at least replace small parts – assuming you knew how to use the associated software. 

Digital revolution in everyday work - where is the journey going?

Private life and work are growing closer together – employers accept that employees do part of the work from their home office – provided they have a good digital connection. If a video conference is no longer sufficient, we will in future order an air taxi home that will take us autonomously to any location in the shortest possible time with the help of digital technology. 

Our everyday work life is inconceivable without digitization. This is always noticeable when our computers fail for a short time. Due to digitization, some professions will no longer exist in five to ten years, such as assistants, tax consultants and bank employees. Taxis, buses, trains and trucks can be replaced by autonomous vehicles. 

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From everyday working life and using examples from the private environment, we can understand the dynamics with which digital change is advancing. One has remained the same for hundreds of years. People need time to understand the changes that need to be made. The invention of the steam locomotive was a specter at the time, and IBM claimed in 1943 that there was a market for only five computers worldwide. We know today how big both errors were. This makes it clear that we understand digitization to be more than a technical process like the manufacture of a product. 

It is the employees in the company who count on you and on whom you can count, provided you treat them fairly. Therefore, a corporate culture is required so that employees understand and accept the change processes. In times of staff shortages and a lack of skilled workers, you need a strategy that you can use to counter and reduce resistance within the company. We advise you on digitization.

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is just a term that describes social and economic change. We support you in optimally implementing the necessary change processes that are required by the digital change in the company. 

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